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5 Years’ Life

One of my colleagues asked me “what will you do if you have only five years' life left?”, I was shocked by this question, and I couldn't think about it, my brain was blank at that time. Now I think it carefully and I begin to realize what I want to do.

Now I assume I have only five years' life left. The first thing comes into my mind is that I can't believe it! How can such thing happen on me?! It's unfair. Then I need at least one month's time to force me to accept the truth. I know I can't wait to death, I should do something. The first thing I will do is going home to stay with my parents for half a year. After that I will travel all over the world, although I don't have that much money to pay for that, I will try my best to do that. I will travel without stop, until I die. This is what I want to do in this precious five years.

What about you, my dear reader? What will you do if you had only five years' time left? Will you please share your plan here?

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