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A Dream, A Gun, A Horse And A Blog To Africa

Travel To Africa

I am wondering what will my life be if I go to Africa with a dream, a gun, a horse and a blog. A gun? Oh! I am not quite sure wether I do need it. Can you imagine such scene? I ride a black horse in a large desert of Africa, with a gun in my arm, a camera in my right hand, taking some photos. Then I post my experience in my blog at night when I go back to the hotel I live. This is my dream, you know?

I go to visit the Chief of a tribe. I told him that I will take some pictures about his house and his family. He must be very glad and a little scared I suppose, because he doesn't know what on the earth a camera is. He hasn't see a camera before. But no problem, I will try to explain to him. Then he will be very happy. I talk with him for about 2 hours. I write dowm the talk between us and put it into my blog and share it with you, my dear reader as usual.

One day, some men will attack me, I fight with them using my black gun and of course I win in the end, but no one will be killed. Then I tell them I am not a bad man, I am just a traveller, a blogger and a dreamer. They are very glad and we become friends in the end.

I hope you will enjoy them, enjoy my experience which will come true in the future. Will you wait for me?

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