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A Good Criminal Law and Defense Blog

Recently I found a good blog talking about criminal law and defense, its owner is Dmitry Gorin, who is Former Los Angeles Prosecutor, attorney, and a partner in criminal defense law firm Kestenabum Eisner & Gorin LLP. He is also a professor at UCLA and Pepperdine Law School. He blogs about current trends in criminal law, courtroom defense strategy, and high profile cases involving celebrities and law enforcement officials. Some of my friends are studying law, I think this blog will be helpful for them, and I have recommended it to them.

Dmitry Gorin is not a genius, but his views are very unique and they are worth listening.This is why I talk about him here. His promoting words are Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Blog | California Criminal Law Forum. You can see his words in many places of internet. I believe he will be very famous quite soon, because his work is marvelous, so what I can say here is “Good job, Dmitry Gorin!”. Here is his photo.

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