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A New iPhone Entertainment Site – Vuzu.mobi

Now there are more and more people using iPhone, so it is quite important to have some good iPhone entertainment sites for these iPhone fans. Just like what you know, where there is need, there is meet. Vuzu is a new iPhone entertainment site for those people. Vuzu.mobi is an iPhone web site with thousands of entertaining videos.

We can watch videos on Vuzu, we can also upload our own videos to Vuzu and share them with others. Of course, everything is Free.

Another good thing about Vuzu is you can Earn cash from it. How? It works like this, you upload videos to Vuzu, when people view your videos, you get paid. Why? Because you help Vuzu get popular by uploading videos and sharing with others, so they pay you for your work. It's quite fair.

So if you are an iPhone fans, you should have some fun with this iPhone community site.

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