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A New Video Sharing Website

With the development of web 2.0 technologies, more and more web 2.0 style websites are launched. And the most popular ones are online video sharing communities. You must have heard of Youtube. Yeah, Viddiction.com is a Youtube-style website.

It has many facets deserve my praise. First facet is that it has a quite good looking, clean and brief, no rubbish.

The second facet is its videos are high quality and funny, if you are tired of Youtube, I believe this video site can bring you fresh air.

The third facet is, Ok, let's take a look at what they say:

Viddiction is new, first of all, and viddiction is user-oriented. Sure, we’d like the mass appeal of the big competitors, but we’d never give preference to the big corporate users by selling them featured spaces on our homepage. To us, the most important thing is to give your videos the attention they deserve, and we’re willing to prove this to you.

See? this is why I like it.

The last facet is it has an affiliate program, that is, you can cash for videos through this program. How does it work, simple, you promote this site, and they will pay you via Paypal. Isn't it cool!
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