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A Plan To Take Leisure

Since I haven't taken leisure for a long time, I do need relax myself now. But what's my plan? In fact, I don't have a clear plan now. Maybe I will wander in a part, maybe I will fly to another country, maybe I will watch a contest, etc. Who can say it for sure.

The excited news from me is that my friend Lee suggested me going for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. He said it would be very exciting and interesting, and also said he could get some WNFR Tickets, if I would, I could go with him. Yeah, I think this is a very idea. I haven't seen such rodeo before. I must be full of natural flavor, I like it.

So I asked him to buy a WNFR ticket for me and I would go with him. This is my leisure plan now. I hope I have time to let it come true. I do need a completely relaxation so I can continue my business more efficient. What's your plan, my dear reader? Do you plan to take a leisure like me? Will you please share your plan with me? So we can talk about it together.

So now what I am doing is preparing for my journey and I will write what I see and share it here with you, just wait for me, Okay?

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