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A Romanian Wants To Do Business With Me

A Romanian wants to do business with me, he asks me to buy some wholesale products for him and he will sell them in his country. The product is PSP, game machine. I have done some researches these days, and I found it is a little complicated. I need to get permission from the government and there are still a lot of procedures I have to deal with.

The first thing I should do now is contacting some merchants and make contract with them, they I will get PSP from them, then I can send them to Romania. This is a time consuming business. You know, international trading always has a lot of troubles.

I think I will do it with him, this is my first business selling physical products. You know, I just sell advertisements in the past, it is easier than selling physical products. Anyway, I will try my best to do this business successfully. God bless!
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