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A Short Time For Leisure

Atom Entertainment (formerly AtomShockwave)We are busy with working all days, so we have no time to take a relaxation. But we do need leisure. So we must try every way to get leisure. I believe everyone has his own way to achieve leisure, of course I have my own too.

Some of my friends told me they can get leisure when they were sitting in shower chairs, at the time, they closed their eyes, thinking wonderful time they had before. Yeah, this is really a good way to get leisure. I use it too. But I have another method.

I can get leisure when I am on a bus back home from work. It sounds very strange for you, right? Yeah, but it does work for me. Maybe you can't believe it, you will say “it is very nosy on the bus, how can you get leisure?”. This is a big question, the method I use is pay no attention on others, just focus on the good things that I ever had. This will let me forget others beside me, under such situation, I will greatly relax myself, and leisure come into my mind.

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