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Alas, I Haven’t Been To Africa!


How many times I have dreamed of going to Africa? How many times I have felt I am belong to Africa? But this is just my dream, it hasn't come true. I am always eager to Africa. I like the sun arising from the horizon line of the Africa, I am eager to see lions, tigers, and many other wild animals, and sleep with is not a bad idea if they are not hungry to make me be their food.

I promise myself I will go Africa one day, for travel, for life. Now I can feel my heart is boiling and shaking heavily. Will I be eaten by lions in Africa just as I saw in movies? I hope not. I will make friends with them. So what I am waiting for? Why not take action immediately just as I do usually?

I think I'd better wait some time. What do you say?

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  • hello friend..nice site. keep it on. i wish if i could visit africa too, some day. :) greetings from malaysia.

  • Thank you for your response. If I go to Africa one day I will consider to bring you. Will you?

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