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Beauty, For Whom?

The existence of beauty

I honestly thank god for creating so many beautiful things and beautiful people. Without them, our world will be very dark, darker than midnight. Our world should be rich and colorful, we need beauties to decorate our world.

So what is beauty?In my mind, beauty is something (someone) that nobody should insult. Beauty is owned by no one, it belongs to everyone, nobody should own it. That is, a pretty girl is not a beauty anymore if she marries someone, a rose is not a beauty if it is owned by someone. All beauty should by owned by the nature, nature is her home, her life.Beauty.com

If anyone insults beauty, we should put him into prison, because a beauty should not be insulted, she is so holy so that nobody is willing to say even a disrespectful word to her.

A beauty can keep our eyes clean and light, can keep our heads smart, can let us live in very happy conditions.

So how can you harm beauty?

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