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Boo! I love you. Will you marry me?

Looking for a perfect time to surprise your loved one with an engagement ring? Why not try Halloween? It will probably be the one day least suspected by your significant other to hold such a romantic surprise. But, it can be a very fun way to present that diamond in a way that has your loved one seeing sparkles as well as spiders.

The Perfect Setting

A Halloween party is a great way to mask a proposal as there are plenty of witnesses and lots of scary jewelry and costumes. She will never be able to guess where you hid that diamond ring and there are plenty of ways to do it with some fun games that can involve a blindfold that gets removed at just the right time to reveal the engagement ring. You can even slip the ring on the stem of a ghoulish drink you hand her at just the right time.

Celebrating the Engagement

Halloween parties make great engagement parties too. If you both are in on the secret, you can dress up as a dead bride and groom and then announce the engagement to your guests. It will add a very special highlight to the Halloween party and make for a memorable occasion. You can even add some cute signs to your costumes saying: “Struck down by love” or “Shot by an arrow through my heart.” While humorous, they can give your guests a hint that this is not an ordinary Halloween party.

Pass Out Some Ghoulish Wedding Invitations

If you've planned this far ahead, you can even use the party to save some money on stamps. Just hand out the ghoulish wedding invitations and let them know when the special date will happen. Remember to keep one and take lots of pictures during the party. These types of mementos can be really great to look at years down the line. Imagine looking at these photos with your kid when you are a happily married old, gray, couple. It will be a delight and a treasure for the family for years to come.

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