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Build An Internet Empire

Many of my friends often ask me “Dingchao, what are you doing on internet?”, I don't know how to answer such question, I am just say “I am running an online business.”, needless to say, they will ask “what kind of business?”. What can I say? I am not doing single thing, I am doing several things together. So I don't answer their questions anymore, because I don't want to.

Now I want to disclose it here, in fact, I am building an internet empire this year. You may think since I am working in a company, how can I have time to build my own business? You are right, but I do have time to build my own business, I use my spare time. You can easily see that I have no weekend.

I believe I will build a successful internet empire in the near future, because I am working really hard on it.

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