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It could be a problem buying products from USA if you are not living in America, because some merchants don't ship products internationally, and they don't accept world wide credit card either. This was a real problem years ago. But now you don't need to worry about it anymore, there is a perfect solution.

The solution provided by MyUS.com website. The concept is very simple, you apply a MyUS.com address, then you shop on U.S. stores, merchants ship your products to MyUS.com, then MyUS.com ships them to you. Here is how it works in detail:
1. Get your own MyUS.com address in America.
2. Shop at U.S. stores online using your MyUS.com address.
3. Receive your packages anywhere in the world.
4. Enjoy great savings and shopping!

What MyUS.com does is providing you package forwarding service, which brings the selection and price advantage of U.S. retail websites to your door worldwide.

Why is it a new concept? Why is it becoming more and more popular? Because MyUS.com have solved two problems for us:

Problem One: Many U.S. Retailers can not or will not ship internationally.

* MyUS.com's Solution:
* MyUS.com offers excellent shipping rates to 225 countries!
* MyUS.com is an expert at international shipping and export documents.
* MyUS.com can receive packages from multiple retailers for you, consolidate them and send to you in one shipment. This will save you a lot of money on international shipping costs!

Problem Two: Many U.S. Retailers accept only U.S. credit cards.

* MyUS.com's Solution:
* MyUS.com can buy these items for you with our Personal Shopper service.
* MyUS.com accepts major credit cards from international banks as well as wire transfers.

You see, this is why MyUS.com can easily dominate the marketing in short time, and I believe you will like it soon, you will love what it provides you.
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