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Can You Imagine A World Without Pain?


Our world consists of fair and unfair, smile and tears, happiness and pain, love and hate, beautiful and ugly, good luck and bad luck, war and peace, etc. Someone said every existence is reasonable. It's true. The reason why our world is so beautiful is the existence of beauty and ugliness. So if you are not very lucky to be a beauty, don't mind, remember, you are a part of beauty. Without you, beauty can't be called beauty.

I am not always a lucky guy, but I think I am lucky enough. Why? Because when I am in bad condition or have a bad luck, I tell myself, “cowboy, this is the time to challenge”. Difficulties can make me be stronger. If you can overcome every difficulty in your life, just think about it, what a strong man you will be!

You know, where there is right, there is wrong. The way is under your feet, you can choose right, you can choose wrong, it is up to you.

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