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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief

Do you know something about carpal tunnel syndrome? Here is a definition, Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) or median neuropathy at the wrist is a medical condition in which the median nerve is compressed at the wrist, leading to pain, paresthesias, and muscle weakness in the forearm and hand.

There are some symptoms. These symptoms appear at night because many people sleep with bent wrists which further compresses the carpal tunnel. If the median nerve is already under stress, the increased compression of the bent wrist results in numbness and tingling. Difficulty gripping and making a fist, dropping objects, and weakness are symptoms of progression. In early stages of CTS individuals often mistakenly blame the tingling and numbness on restricted blood circulation and they believe their hands are simply “falling asleep”. In chronic cases, there may be wasting of the thenar muscles (the body of muscles which are connected to the thumb).

Everything has a solution, so we have some solutions to achieve carpal tunnel relief. Treatments can be generally divided into four basic categories: 1. You must rest your hand for weeks 2. The doctor may include some drugs to relieve the pain 3. Doctor may give you a cast to help ease pain 4. If the hand does not cure, you may need surgery.

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Now you've known something about carpal tunnel syndrome and how to treat it. Good for you.
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