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Cater For My Boss? No, Thanks

Barking dogMost of us are always pusuing a higher position, because this is the normal way to get more money. Under this ambition, some of us try to cater for our bosses by all kinds of means, hoping to get a promotion. Many people are good at catering for others, they have such talent, just like dogs are good at barking. They have the gift to change wrong to right if their bosses need. In their heads, justice is nonsense. The wish of their bosses is the only right thing in the world.

If you want me to do such thing, I suggest you kill me first, because it is harder than death for me. There is not the “cater” word in my blood. When I was a child, I did things following my heart and justice, I didn't cater for anyone. Someone trys to persuade me to cater for others sometime, but I can't manage it. I did try, but I couldn't. My heart tells me it is wrong when I try to do like that.

I'd rather choose to live a poor life if living a rich like needs me to cater for others. If my boss lets me to say something to cater for him, I will quit my job immediately. This is me, I am always trying to be myself, the real me. In my mind, a real man should have his own mind and should express it out, what I am trying to say is he should always tell the truth, not lie.

I won't make friends with those liars. They do not deserve me I think.

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