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CES 2009: Sony Vaio Lifestyle PC, Sony Tiny Laptop Review

Sony Vaio Lifestyle PC

CES 2009: Sony Vaio Lifestyle PC, Sony Tiny Laptop

Now most exciting news at CES 2009 from Sony is they have launched the tiny laptop called Sony Vaio Lifestyle PC, which is also known as the P-series. This tiny netbook is becoming the hottest notebooks in short time. The most wonderful part of this cool laptop is it is less than an inch thick and can easily be put in your jacket pocket. This is why so many people are crazy about it.

You don't need to worry about its small overall size, because the keyboard is fairly easy to use, just like you use normal laptop, this is another cool thing this Sony tiny laptop.

It has built-in GPS and mobile broadband. You can add a solid state drive for another couple of hundred dollars and it runs on Windows Vista. the Vaio seemed to run about as well as any Intel Atom system with XP we've used (2GB of RAM and an SSD hard drive help). With Windows 7, purportedly excellent for netbooks, it would probably fly — relatively speaking.

The Sony Vaio P-series Lifestyle laptop is certainly something to get excited about. The 1,600×768 screen has a higher resolution than many 15-inch laptops. Some initial attempts at online video streaming played fine, and the built-in Verizon-powered mobile broadband worked as advertised.

With such wonderful technologies, we have enough reason to believe Sony Vaio Lifestyle PC will be a perfect generation in tiny laptop industry.

This price of Sony Vaio Lifestyle PC will be $899 in the US. We haven't got the price in UK now. It's a little expensive, right? Yeah, but it is worth your money.

Now let's watch a video about this cool laptop.

CES 2009: Sony Vaio P Series UMPC hand on video

So what do you think about Sony Vaio Lifestyle Laptop? Is it the one you ever want to own? For me, it is!

If you want to learn more about Sony Vaio, you can find it on Amazon and eBay.

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