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China Earthquake, We Are Full Of Grief

We are full of grief these days, the Sichuan province of our country encounter deadliest earthquake, and thousands of people died of it. I couldn't help crying when I read a report from New York Times:

The bodies are everywhere. Some are zipped inside white vinyl bags and strewn on the floor. Others have been covered in a favorite blanket or dressed in new clothes. There are so many bodies that undertakers want to cremate them in groups. They are all children.

They are children, they should be the hope of our future, but they disappear life water, Children In Morgueleft grief to us. Although they have child insurance, they can't enjoy it anymore, it means nothing to them. How many people will cry for them!

But we won't be defeated by disaster, we will stand and fight with great courage, we will wipe away our tears and continue our lives! We are not the losers, we will be winners! So please don't cry anymore, my people, let's face disaster and overcome it! I believe you!

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