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Christmas Wish 2008

Many of my friends ask me what kind of Christmas wish I have this year. I think about it for a while and come up with an urgent Christmas wish. I will share it with you later. Now let's talk a little more about Christmas wish itself, I mean Wish as a word.

As a wish, in my opinion, it should be a little difficult to come true. Many of my friends and colleagues wish to have a promotion, this is not my wish. You know, I don't want to work for others, so now I have no boss, of course promotion means nothing to me.

I clearly know we are now facing serious economic crisis, needless to say, it will greatly affect my business, but I don't believe it will destroy me. So here comes my Christmas wish: I wish I would go through crisis without any big loss.

What about you? What is your Christmas wish 2008?

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