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Construction, I Admire You!

There are few things that I admire, construction industry is one of my favorite. It is an art in my mind. I respect those who construct buildings, their skills are worth my good words, especially those who ever got trainings from CITB, their skills must be better than others. So I believe they will be experts in construction industry.

Just think about it, from very ancient time, our ancestors had begun to construct buildings with their hands, what they left us are arts. Think about Pyramid and Great Wall, what great creations! We still can't understand how they managed them, they are out of our imagine.

Construction industry needs geniuses, not only do they construct buildings, but also they create arts. We should live in arts, not just buildings. Buildings should be arts. You know, most of us are pursuing poetic life, so if buildings we are living in are poetic, we will feel  comfortable about our lives.

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