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Cowboy, What Do You Want To Get From Me?


Dear readers,

I honestly appreciate for your kindness to read my blog, this is where I What Do You Want To Get From Me?express my own daily feeling about life, and I am very glad to share them with all of you. Without your support, I can’t go any further. So your opinion is very important for me.

Will you please answer this question carefully? What do you really want to get from me? Forget it if this question bother you. I just want to improve my blog so that I can give you a better experience. I feel great pressure with so many people loving my blog. I should make it meet you appetite. It is very hard for me to do so, will you please tell me what I should do to help you read comfortable? You can leave a comment if you have any advice, I'd appreciate for what you do.

Everything is possible, my friend, do me a favor, OK? If you are treated by somebody in a ungentleman way, tell me and I will cry it for you.


Voice Of Dingchao

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  • Seems to me that you’re asking your readers and friends an unfair question. Isn’t the point of a blog the ability to share and write from your own heart? To be genuine, to show a different point of view and life?

    I appreciate the diversity and honesty more than the gimmicks and catering. :)

    Take care!

  • Dear Staci Rose,
    Thank for your honest response. I appreciate for what you said. I think there is a misunderstand between us. What I want to say is I am glad to hear my readers’ advice and their opinion, it doesn’t mean that I will try to cater my readers. I will be myself under any condition.

    Voice Of Dingchao

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