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Decoding Laptop Reviews: What You Need to Distill

So you’re thinking of buying a new laptop, but you first want to evaluate the reviews on various models to determine which of the latest models is right for you. Decoding laptop reviews can be tricky, though, as some retailers tend to overstate the perks and understate the drawbacks. Here’s how to tell whether a review is unbiased and worthy of consideration, and how to determine exactly what each model offers in terms of features and benefits.

Use Retailer Reviews to Research Product Features

Retailer Reviews

The first thing to be aware of when checking out new easy to use tablet PCs or laptops online is that retailers tend to provide manufacturers’ descriptions that focus on the positive. Obviously, tablet makers are trying to sell their products, and retailers are, too. When a review lists the main features of a product without discussion of actual usability, it’s likely you’ve encountered a manufacturer’s description.

Look for reviews that make it clear that the author has actually used and evaluated the product in question. Reviews that point out specific usability issues, such as keyboard comfort, are usually based on hands-on evaluation.

Use Consumer Reviews To Research Product Downfalls

Consumer Reviews

On the opposite end of the spectrum are consumer reviews, which often tend to dwell on the negatives. It is possible to find lengthy, balanced feedback from some consumers, especially tech enthusiasts. For the most part, however, unless you’re finding dozens of reviews stating the same problems, take isolated negative feedback with a grain of salt. It’s human nature to share our negative experiences, especially when it involves expensive products.

When you’re reading consumer-written reviews, look for longer reviews that go into detail about the various benefits and potential drawbacks. Some consumers will list their qualifications and expertise before delving into their opinions. Expertise beyond the typical consumer level can be helpful, but it’s also important to get a feel for the overall consensus and the usability of a product from the general consumer standpoint.

Use Trusted Publications to Understand Product Specifications

Trusted Publications

When it comes to tech gear, there are dozens of different specifications to consider, such as memory, speed, graphics capabilities and display type and size. If you’re not that technically savvy, you probably don’t know what many of the terms mean you’re reading in reviews. But you do know what you’ll be using your tablet PC or laptop for primarily, so a self-tutorial from sites like PCWorld.com can go a long way in helping you identify which features should matter most to you.

There’s an abundance of information available to consumers, thanks to retailer websites that allow consumers to post reviews of products they’ve used. It can be tricky to navigate through the massive feedback available, but knowing how to spot a solid, unbiased review can save you time and plenty of headaches. If you know what you’ll be using your new tablet PC or laptop for the most, you can focus on those features and specs that will make your life easier.



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