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Distance Generates Beauty

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I believe beauty is generated by distance, space. That is, if you know someone, and you live with her, you won't feel she is beautiful. Or if you live far from each other, you will miss each other, you will imagine she is so pretty that her shadow is always in your mind, in front of your eye, and her sweet voice will flow beside your ears. This is because we keep a space between us.

When I was at home in my childhood years, I couldn't feel the existence of my family. But now I live far from it, far from my family, I can strongly feel it. I miss them very much. They are beauty in my mind, my dreams.

So if you have something/somebody to love, I suggest you keep a distance between you. So you will miss each other, and you will love each other more. The beauty is in our minds. We can see it only in our dreams, from our illusion.

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