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Dreaming Of A Future Life

Now I am dreaming of my future life. I think I will live in United Stats at that time. Find a GAF ELK Factory Certified Roofing Contractor to build a comfortable house for me and I will stay there for 25% time of the year, the left I will go to travel all over the world. First important thing is that my house should be beautiful and comfortable so I can feel quite good about my condition. Then I can think many things without interruption. I will think about what our lives should be and where will we go, just as I often think.

Drinking a cup of tea in my yard at noon, I suppose I have a big house so of course I have a big yard too. I will enjoy the sunshine and do some business at the meantime, but I will take leisure most time. I think this is a healthier and better life for me.

I won't care about what's happening around me, because I will be a stranger to most people, I will live in my world and enjoy what life gives me, I mean calm and peace.

Of course this is just a dream of mine, but please don't treat it as a kidding. I am serious about it, I mean, I will try my best to let it come true.

I always tell my friends that I'd rather to be a outsider, I don't want to be an insider. I'd like to live in a world that belongs to only me, so I can do everything without limitation. This must be a wonderful world, but I know there is no such world existing. But I will continue to pursue it, because this is my dream. Sometimes I think we need to pursue something that doesn't exist. What do you say?

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