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Every Day Is A Miracle

How do you feel about your life? For me, I feel every day is a miracle. How to say? Well, you say, I have exciting news every day. Sometimes it is a great progress of my business, sometimes it is a message from my reader, saying that she loves my blog, sometimes it is a new technology I've learned. You see, all of these are miracles. What a wonderful life!

Maybe the most exciting news is that I will quit my day job soon and begin to run my own online business full time. Really, this is most important thing for me this year, so I feel quite good now. Can you understand me?

Well, needless to say, I treat my every day as a gift, so i believe I will live better. What do you say?

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  • I agree that every day is a gift.The more that we value what we have, the better use we make of it. I pray that your dreams lead you to your destiny and that you live well past 75, a healthy long productive life that helps many others!

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