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Every Problem Has A Solution

Some of my friends often complain to my “Dingchao, I have fell into big trouble!”. Some of them say “I have worked hard for many years, but I still don't have enough money to buy a house”, some say “I am abandoned by my girlfriend!”, some say “I can't bear my job anymore!”, etc.

I totally understand them. But complaint can't help us. We should try to find a solution for every one of these problems. You can apply mortgages from mortgage lenders if you don't have enough money to buy a house, you can get another girlfriend if you are abandoned by your previous one, you can quit your job if you can't bear it anymore, just like what I did.

So you see? Every problem has a solution, don't complain it anymore, just pick up your courage and continue your life.

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  • You sound like a brave and unique person. I agree if that if we really stop and look at any given problem that we can find solutions. I think courage, faith and determination can go a long way to helping us lead a more happy life. I also think we must be prepared to take risks and step into the “unknown”. If we are willing to do this then magic can happen. It’s not always an easy road but it can be sometimes and it usually is a more rewarding road. RainforestRobin

  • I too am in a big problem and it’s so already for a long, BUT you are totally right – magic can happen and it will happen if we don’t give up in our fear and disbelief.
    I hope the future will prove that our meeting was the most rewarding road. Thank you for the acceptance in your fellowship.

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