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Everyone Should Have Some Hobbies

Iomega CorporationAs I can see, everyone has his own hobby. Someone likes to collect original movie posters, like my friend John, he has collected many original movie posters till now. Someone's hobby is travel, like me, I am always dreaming of traveling all over the world and enjoying the grand nature. Someone likes to talk, he can talk with you all days without stop, to tell the truth, I have no such talent. Someone likes to walk beside beach in the morning to smell the smell of the sea and listen to the groan of it. Someone likes to play football, someone likes to play bowling, etc.
Whatever your hobby is, you just need to have some hobbies, so your life will be meaningful and colorful. I can't imagine a guy who has no hobby, I can't imagine how he can spend his life. It's cruel for me.

What's your hobby, my dear readers? Leave a comment and share your hobbies with us, Okay?

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  • Getting outdoors. Backpacking, kayaking, camping, snowshoeing, you name it, I love to get outdoors.

  • That’s very interesting, you must be full of passion, I like you. You know, I also have a lot of hobbies. I like to watch movies, travel, chat with someone online, play ping-pong, etc.

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