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Expecting Something Is A Wonderful Feeling

Joffreys Coffee & Tea CompanyWhen I was a child, I was always expecting Spring Festival, Chinese New Year, because I would have delicious food to eat and beautiful clothes to wear! Such good feeling would last for many days. How wonderful! What a sweet thing! When I grow up, till now, I still expect the days, but the feeling is quite different. I expect it comes, but when it does come, I will feel nothing, I will find it is not worth so much expectation. What a thing! The wonderful feeling just stays in expecting period, when we do get it, we will lose interest on it.

So I know one thing, that is, don't expect good things will last for a long time, just enjoy the feeling of expecting it; don't possess anything, just enjoy the wonderful feeling of pursing them.

Thank god for letting me know this truth!

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