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Food Is Nothing!

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I paid much attention on food those days, I liked to eat all kinds of delicious foods. When enjoying delicious meal, I felt very comfortable. But I have been tired of them now. Why? Because I have realized that all foods are just material, and they have the same taste when we feel them deeply. I can feel I am eating nothing but material. So now I don't pay much attention on food anymore. But one thing becomes to confuse me, that is, what will be the fun of my life since I have not been interested in food?

I have thought about this question for many days, still have no answer. Maybe I have to enjoy something else.

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  • Maybe you have lost a joy found in cooking good food? Are you a chef or any sort, and do you have the time to prepare real, healthy foods? Due to dietary restrictions I have to be very careful with my diet, and I find my passion for food falls when I have little or poor ingredients.
    I like your blog, and agree that many people don’t leave their crappy jobs. Soon my business is going to explode, you should read me :)

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