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For Love? For Living? What’s Wrong With Girls?

I often hear girls talk about their boyfriends, they always make me angry, guess what? They just talk how rich their boyfriends are. It seems to me the only reason they choose their boyfriends is that they are rich enough to  pay for their beautiful clothes.  They are very realistic now, love is nonsense for them, money is everything. What a shame! How can we live without love? I doubt. In my mind, man and woman should be equal, they don't depend on each other, they support their families equally, wife doesn't depend on her husband. But the cruel truth is woman has a sense of depending on man, this drive her to choose a rich husband, even if she doesn't love him at all, he can still marry him. I think this is we human's sad.

Independent life is a happy life, I always believe this. If you have to rely on someone, you'll lose your freedom. As to me, I can't bear a life without freedom, so I won't live for living, If I have a choice, I would choose love, not just living.

I want to ask, “what's wrong with our girls today?”

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