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Further Understanding About Life

I ever looked down upon those who don't have great aspiration, I thought their lives were worthless, now I realize I was wrong. Life is not about that. Life is about happiness, if you are happy everyday, you life is worth my honor.

So now I treat everyone fairly, from workers who work in workshops wearing work boots to professors who teach in universities, they are all fair.

I feel much better since I've realized this truth. Oh, my life will be easier I think!

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  • Yes, I believe we must never judge another person. Because we don’t know what they are going through, have been through, nor do we know their purpose here on Earth. Maybe the the homeless person is here to teach us NOT TO JUDGE. Jobs, expensive homes, fancy cars or clothes don’t make a person. I believe it’s what’s inside that some that counts.

  • We are all here for a purpose, even if the purpose is only for a few people. That is why every moment is important. Great insight!

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