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Give Things A Chance

Today, everyone expects instant results. So there's a tendency to give up on things too soon—the book you're reading (hopefully not this one), the mutual fund you've invested in, the musical instrument you're learning, the person you're dating. Don't be so quick to abandon something that doesn't give you immediate results. This could prevent you from experiencing the greater benefits that may emerge if you stick it out longer. Be patient. Give it more time. Find out for certain if something is worthwhile rather than make a hasty departure.

The time when I received the book Why Make Yourself  Crazy, I couldn't help opening the postage tape and beginning to read. When I reached this part, I realized why so many people fail to do anything. So I want to share it with you here, and hope it will be hopeful for you. No wonder 99% of people running online business will fail in the end, I believe this is the reason, they give up their dreams easily.

Now I know what I should do and how to do, never give up, this will where the power comes from.

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