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Google Goggles Review 2008 – Top Secrets To Let Google Work For You

Google Goggles is becoming so hot that no one should ignore it! Every marketer is talking about it. So why is Google Goggles so popular? what kind of magic does it have? First, let's find out what it is. In fact, Google Goggles is a PPC tool (Pay Per Click Tool). You know, Google algorithm was a top secret before. This is the first time that anyone has had a look inside Google algorithm. Google Goggles has somehow given you the ability to analyze a quality score. Before now, getting a quality score required spending money on PPC and waiting for what rating Google gave you. With the help of Google Goggles you will see how your website is viewed by Google by activating the program and looking at websites that may even include your rivals. Simply to say, Google Goggles is a PPC Tool that lets you see your website exactly as seen by search engines like Google. This is perfect for your business, it means you will have the chance to dominate PPC Marketing, because you know how Google rank your website.

Now let's watch a Google Goggles demo first:

We want to emphasize it again, Google Goggles is a great piece of tool that enables you to see your websites exactly the same way it is seen by Google. It will help you minimize your AdWords bid price back to the low levels of 2006 by allowing you look into a campaign and determine how successful it will turn out to be by analyzing the niche, competition and selection of appropriate keywords. Here are some key features Google Goggles provides you:

  • Find a profitable market using Niche Goggles: Just enter your keyword and you'll know if it's worth pursuing at all! So no more having to choose your keywords blindly.
  • Spy out your competition with HexaTrack (Goggles edition) and determine your market's profitability in advance. This will help to how profitable a particular niche will trun out to be.
  • Evaluate the affiliate network's landing page with the help of Google Goggles, and compare it to your competitors' landing pages. Google Goggles will even help you optimize your landing page, should you need to create one.
  • Track and optimize your AdWords campaign with closed-loop tracking built into HexaTrack (Goggles Edition) to increase profits daily and maximize returns on your investment.

Now let's take a look at what people are saying about Google Goggles:
Google Goggles – it works!

Now Google Goggles has a new release, with Google Goggles new release, you are able to check your quality score of your adgroups, and landing page, before you even go live with a Pay-Per Click campaign. Ever since the terrible “Google Slap” that started in 2006, the internet marketing industry has searched for a thing like this. Since Adobe Air platform developed new technology, Google Goggles was able to come forth. And needless to say, it is totally great. Anyone doing Pay-Per Click advertising who isn’t using Google Goggles, is really missing the goldmine.

No matter what kind of industry you are in, Google Goggles is a must have tool if you want to maximize your profit on your business! So if you are really serious about your business, why not give Google Goggles a try right now! This is a tool that you can use to let Google work for you day after day, night after night.

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