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Google Offers Voice and Video Chat in Gmail

Some of you may didn't have much impression on Google's chat tool before, but now you have to change your mind. Google chat tool will be a big name quite soon, because Google begins to offer voice and video chat in Gmail. That means you don't need to install any software, you don't need to install Google Talk, you just need a Google mail account, you can easily chat with your friends online.

According to Official Google Blog, Google now officially offers voice and video chat in Gmail. What you should do is install gmail voice and video chat plugin from http://www.gmail.com/videochat, then restart the browser, open Gmail, select a contact from the chat section and click an option named “Video & more”, now you will be able to use voice and video chat.

Here is a video on google video chat, watch it to learn detailed information about Gmail voice and video chat.

Now we have enough reason Google chat tool will be the best online chat tool, and I'm sure I've had enough reason to love it. I've tried this new function, it's great! Now you can try it.

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  • Video chat, has really come along way. It started off popular then lost its audience, now it’s installed in macs. I work with Motorola and they’ve developed this new phone called the Krave (motorola.com/krave), that makes it perfect for this technology. It has a clear top, that is touch sensitive and a digital QWERTY board…

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