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Google Phone (G-Phone):3rd Generation Gadget

iPhone is becoming very hot these years, but it has disappointed a lot of people until Google Phone comes. So what is Google Phone (G-Phone)? Simple to say, Google Phone (G-Phone) is a 3rd generation gadget being designed by Google to bring the Google-Life to phones and mobiles. This will give iPhone marketing new life.

Google Phone vs iPhone

There are some rumors saying that the new Google Phone will throw iPhone out of the gadget industry but it is hard to say so till its out in the market. As to iPhone, before its release, it was said to have remarkable features but the result is the gadget has disappointed most of the Apple fans. Now here are some Google Phone Concept Designs, let's enjoy them, and predict whether the Google Phone will be powerful enough to dominate the iPhone market.

What do you think about Google Phone (G- Phone)? Will you please write down your opinions and share them with us?

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