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Happy April Fool’s Day!

Today is April Fool's day. What I want to say to you is “Happy Fool's Day!”. I should make fool you, but I'd better not do that.

The cruel thing for me is that I still have to work on such a good festival and good weather. It's spring now, the weather is the best of the year, so it's the best time to take a travel in the wild. But the cruel thing is I have to wait until this weekend.

Yeah, I decide to take a travel this weekend, maybe I will invite some of my friends and have a meal in the wild together. Eating grill chicken is a good choice. Drive to a strange place, feeling the breath of the nature, that will be a wonderful experience.

Wow ! I can't wait any longer, I hope it would be weekend tomorrow, so that I will be free from work and enjoy the freedom of travel.

What about you, my dear reader? What are you planning for this weekend? Will you please share your experience with me?

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