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How Do We Lose Our Creativity?

Whether you believe it or not, you are losing your creativity. How do I know this? In essence you lose your creativity because you have no sense of adventure, you are afraid of losing your stable job, so you work as your boss let you do, you think following your boss' thought, in such case, day by day, you will lose your creativity in the end. You are just a body walking through the crowd.

Alas, we don't have enough courage to take adventure! You have a dream of running your own company, you don't like to work for others, but the possibility of failure frighten you heavily. You are afraid of your child having no good life, you are afraid of losing you steady daily income. So the result is you will quit your dreams and live a normal and simple life like most people do.

You will have no thoughts of your own, you think as others think, you do everything as others do. You become a drop of water in the ocean. You disappear. What a pity!

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  • Wow, very interesting point, and believe or not I broke that barier. The steady monotonous job, day to day same thing, and stress can really affect the creativity. Thanks for pointing all this out. Anna :)

    BTW I noticed your Who Am I? column, I am surprised that you don’t want to live 100 years, lol.

    And lastly I will add you to my blogs I visit list on my blog (left column), there something about your blog, and I think I would like to hang around here.


  • Not sure what happened, but I am going to retype my message again. I like your post about creativity, and I am glad that I broke that barier. The monotonous job, day to day same activities, and stress can really help in the decline. Very interesting points, thanks, Anna :)

    BTW I noticed under your bio your birth and I am assuming a date you want to leave us, just surprised that man with your creative mind doesn’t want to live 100 years, lol.

    And lastly I will add you to my blogs I visit column on my photo blog, I think you got some interesting stuff here.

  • …oh well you may want to delete one of them, lol, your blog tricked me, don’t meant to pollute with comments, Anna :)

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