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Human Car – The Human Powered Car Videos

Human Car, a new name? Yeah, but not so new and now is more and more popular. If you are interested in news things like me, you must have heard Human Car, The Human Powered Car. So what the hell is Human Car? Well, in fact, Human Car is a kind of car operates with four people working in concert like an engine. The two front people ‘body-steer' to turn, like a ski or board- this is so fun to ride if you want to scream. You can see what it is from the left picture. People who like exciting things should try to drive Human Car, you will love it quite soon if you do like take adventure and enjoy exciting things.

The FM-4 v1.0 HumanCar (Fully Manual 4 Passenger) ‘geometry prototype’ has been so successful that no changes have been required. Several downhill time trial runs have had the car above 60mph + with incredible handling and BodySteer characteristics. The steel tube space frame chassis features a bi-lateral human power interface and front passenger body-steering capabilities. The vehicle is also designed to follow transportation efficiency guidelines such as the SyncGuideway specification on the menu as well.

Here are two interesting Human Powered Car Videos you can watch. After watching them, you will know much about Human Car, a new generation of car.

A Street Legal Human Powered Car- Human Car

The Human Car Explained- Human Car

What do you think about Human Car? Are you eager to give it a try? Oh, this is exactly what I am thinking!

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