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I Am Going To Buy A Digital Camera Next Week

Digital Camera

You know, owning a digital camera is one of my dreams this year. I think I can afford to buy one next week. I like the one which is very smart, light and good looking so that I can bring it with me wherever I go.

I'd like to record my life in every stage of my life so I need to take pictures for myself. I am planning to put some in this blog so you can know more about me. You will know who I am and how is my life. I would let photos talk, other than my own words, I think this will be better. What do you say?

With my lovely camera, taking a travel in the weekend is a wonderful thing, I like to go to wild places, not artificial parks. I am always relaxed when I am closed to the nature. You know, we are from nature, and we will return to nature in the end. I think this can explain why I love the nature so much.

Many people like to travel, but they doesn't know exactly what they travel for, they bring a lot of things with them, they just like carts. No pleasure in the travel. What a pity! As to me, my travel principle is bringing very few things with me, the fewer the better. Only bring myself and my passion and my heart, that's enough. So I can relax myself completely and enjoy my travel life.

Oh, god blesses! I can't help traveling now, immediately! But I have to wait until next weekend!

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