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I Am Not A Football Fan

latin american world cup qualifing soccer football matchesNowadays sport is more and more popular, especially football. There are so many people love football that I can't understand. You know I have no sense of football, I just can't see what's funny. With the development of football industry, many other industries have developed quickly. Some of us love to watch football games, some of us love football betting, and some of us love to play football. As to me, I prefer to watch movie. I know nothing about football, I just know I don't like it.

Many of my friends can't understand that I don't love football, they often say “how can you have so few knowledge about football?” I've no idea. I just don't like it, just as someone doesn't like African Food. It's not strange at all.

So I want to claim that I am not a football fan.

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