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I Am Not Be Shy To Admit That I Am A Little Shy

I am never good at communicate with others, because I am a little shy. If they don't talk to me, I won't talk to them first. This is my nature. I was very nervous to answer questions in the classroom. I hate those teachers who always forced me to answer questions in the classroom. But now I have forgiven them. Anyway, they were good to me.

I was very worried about to be shy, you know, it is difficult to stand out if you are very shy. But now, I don't think so anymore. Why? Now I think it's not bad to be shy. You know, everyone has his personality, this is why our world is rich and colorful, we needn't change ourselves to be like others. We are ourselves. Keep your personality so you won't lose yourself.

Now I am proud to say “I am a shy cowboy!”

I am shy

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