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I Am Planning To Donate $5 To Charities Every Week

I couldn't find the meaning of my life those years, but I have found it now. It is charity! Yeah, I will dedicate to charitable cause and I think it will make my life meaningful. Since helping others is my great wish, I'd better take action from now on.

So I have a plan, I am planning to donate $5 to charitable organizations every week using the revenue generated from my online business. I donated $5 to Habitation Humanity yesterday, I will donate another $5 to American Red Cross next week.

Because I don't have much money now, I can donate only $5 every week, I will donate more when I have more money in the near future. I hope these money can give some help for those who need them.

If those people can live good lives because of my donation, it will be my greatest pleasure. I do hope all of the people in the world can live free and good lives!

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