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I Am Wondering What If I Live In A Primeval Forest

I Am Wondering What If I Live In A Primeval Forest

You know, sometimes I dream of living alone in a primeval forest, without huaman. I am the chief of wild animals. We live harmoniously, although sometimes I have to kill them to entertain my appetite, we still live together happily. I write my blog in a deep dark night (I doubt whether I can connect to internet, of course not, but never mind, I will write them in my notebook, publish them when I am out of forest if I can), I write how I know a new friend, his name is goat ( of course), we spent a wonderful afternoon together, something like this. It would be very interesting.

I know I am belonged to the grand nature, I am always sure about this, I am also sure I will go there one day. When I live in the primeval forest, time will mean nothing to me, and money will have nothing to do with me. I product foods for myself, I needn't buy from others. If I am ill, I will stay in bed for several days, I am quite sure I will be fine in these days. After my recovery, I will spend a whole day on enjoying the shine of the sun. Then I will be strong again. I suppose I can eat many many food, maybe a whole goat (baked goat will be better). My appetite will be very large (I am not sure if this word is proper). I am melt with the nature. This must be a wonderful.

One day when I wake up from my dream I will be back to human world. You know, till now, I have stayed in the primeval forest for nearly 5 years, you can't imagine it! I say HELLO to my parents, they can't remember my sound anymore! Oh, my god! I will try my best to explain to them that I am their son. Of course they remember me in the end. The next day, I begin to tell my story to others, they are so amazing to hear my story. I don't want to tell them again and again, so I post them in my blog, let my readers enjoy my unique experience.

I will finish my dream at that time.

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