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I Am Working For My Parents Now

It's not easy to raise me so many years for my parents, they have spent many time on me. And now there are white hairs on their heads. I am sorry about this. I think I must pay back to them. Now what I can do is letting my parents live a happy life. I know my mother is an easily satisfied mom, I know what life she would like to live. Now I am planning to give her what she wants. This is why I am working so hard. I need money to support my parents now.

In fact, I am very glad to let my mother to live an happy aged life. I hope she can enjoy life in her left years. I do hope so. I also pray that he can stay with me for many years so that I can give my thanks to her. I am very afraid of losing her, I hope that day won't come forever.

Oh, mother, how are you doing these days? I will go to see you this winter. Take care.

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  • Very nice tribute to your mother. Anna :)

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  • It’s good to make friend with someone who knows gratitude. Our parents are the ones who are seriously concern about us. I share your aim to take care of our parents. Let’s work for the good of our parents. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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