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I Didn’t Have Clear Aim About Life When I Was A Child

I am always amazed when I hear a child say he want to be a pilot when he grows up. You know, for me, I had no life aim when I was a child. I even didn't know what should I do the next day. I just did things as others wished me to do. I have my own mind. Oh, no, I did have my own minds, but I had no ability and courage to express them. I just kept them in my deep heart.

Life was blurred for me, I couldn't see its shape, I live just like water, following others' steps. Sometimes I did go out of line, but they drove me back in the end. I felt I live with my body, not with my mind. I think I can't be called a human, call me an animal will be more correct I think.

Now I have my own thoughts, I want to be a good man, I will help others when they need help. I want others to talk about me like this: he is a honest, honorable and kind man, he represents the kindness of human. This will be my greatest wish and my greatest aim of life.

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  • Hi Dingchao,
    I believe a lot of people do not know what they what in life when they are young. As we grow up and after encountering some favourable events, we may tune ourself towards the target. It may not be final though, but at least it starts the ball rowing. However, I like and share the same objective of helping people and staying good with correct integrity. Sometimes, we suffer due to being good. But that should not deter us from maintaining our objective. I hae a math blog where I can share my knowledge and hopefully help those in trouble with math. Cheers and have a bright future!

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