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I Don’t Use Any Cosmetics

I think I am a nature man, you know if there is only one thing I admire, it must be nature. I live in a natural way. For example, I don't use umbrella in a rain day if the rain is as heavy as a stone, because I believe the soft rain is good for me and I enjoy it; I don't do thing following others' steps; I don't eat food that I don't like even if they are very good for me; I don't use any cosmetics, because I don't think they can remove the acne on my face, by the way, acne attack me only one time every month, they don't bother me very much so I let them disappear by nature, I think this is why my face is so clean now. They just live on my face for about 7 days, then they leave. We don't hate each other, so I needn't to killed them using cosmetics.

Cosmetics producers must hate people like me, because we don't buy their cosmetics. I am sorry. But the possible good news is people like me are very few, so I suggest producers just putting their hearts down, don't care about me.

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