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I Feel I Have Not Lived A Real Life

You know sometimes I am lack of thoughts, I can hardly write even a word. Reason? I've no idea. I feel I have nothing to say. Say something about life? No, what can I say about such tedious life? God knows I'd rather shut up than saying meaningless words. I am trying to find why I have such thought, why I have no words to say. Now I have summed up a possible conclusion, that is, I haven't lived a real life till now, I have very little experience of life. My experience is studying in schools for many years and now working in a common company. Needless to say, I must have nothing to say about such boring experience. This is why my life is so blank.

I say to myself, I must create a new life, I will experience something that is interesting. For example, traveling all over the world, taking adventure in Africa, if possible, I'd like to see a war outbreaking in Iraq or other places. If I have honor to experience such great scenes, my life won't be tedious like this.

Oh, I must make some changes to my left life.

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  • Hey, wish you all the best! Are you still singer? If you’re, then you have higher chances to make your dream comes true than many people in this world. :)

  • Remember to always connect with the creek that is deep in your heart. Then life will always be like a river, never tedious, never still. Stay in the flow of life and let it carry you.

  • You have potential to follow your dreams and your dreams will in turn follow you. Have patience and strive for your dreams. Your time will come, too.

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