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I Feel Nervous About People Who Wear Military Uniforms

Believe it or not, I always feel very uncomfortable when I see people who wear military uniforms, I don't know why. I don't do anything wrong, I just feel nervous about them.

Even worse thing is many of my friends feel very good about that. They often talking where to buy military uniforms and how if they wear them cross the streets. I can't imagine it! They often scare me by talking about that BDU.COM supplies authentic, military grade, genuine issue uniforms and clothing to both active duty military and law enforcement personnel. Many officers and soldiers choose to supplement their standard issue wardrobe with clothing they purchase from a commercial retailer. And many other things like this. I nearly can't bear them.

I think I'd better overcome such fear as soon as possible, or I will be shocked by them all my life. What's your advice?

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