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I Get Up Early Everyday To Write My Blog

Get Up Early

I love my blog so much that I always thinking about it, even when I am sleeping. Why? Because it is my life, my soul. I can experience a special life in my blog. I express my minds, and share it with you, maybe you like them, maybe you don't, but they are still my own feeling, my heart, my soul.

So I get up early everyday and write down an idea that came into my mind when I was asleep. Then I analyzed myself deeper and I can feel I am full of passion. Sometimes I feel I am going to crazy because my head is full of thoughts, ideas. They make me excited and drive me crazy. But you know I like such feeling.

In my mind, I think we human should live with passion so our lives will be more meaningful. What do you say?

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  • i’m almost the same way, although i don’t get up early JUST to blog. i often think of it and what my next post will be when i’m reading articles or magazines. i have my next post waiting to be published now..just have to tinker with it a bit.

  • In fact, i am always thinking about what should my next post be, too. When an idea comes into my mind, i then write it down and put it into my blog.

  • I also get up early, but not for blog.
    Passion in life is what life is all about.

  • Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back ;)

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