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I Hate Acne

The cruel thing for me is that I will attacked by acne one or two times every month. Acnes often live on my nose and sometimes they live IN my nose! How dare they?! This is why I hate them so much. I am planning to kill them, but it seems that they are a part of my life, it means they can't not be killed totally.

I always say I am a natural guy, so I don't use artificial products to fight with natural things. But this is time I will break my formula. I mean, I will take action to fight with acne. What I will use is Proactiv Solution, leading acne product. I hope it will remove all of the acnes from my face, I do hope so.

I need a clean face, not acnes. If they don't make me pain, I will don't care about them, but the fact is they often make me be uncomfortable, this is why I have to fight against them. What do you say?

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